Saturday, March 13, 2010

What You Should Be Drinking Right Now: Craft Brews

Ah yes, finally another edition of "What You Should Be Drinking Right Now". This one is a little different because as opposed to giving you a specific cocktail to mix up, I have some overall advice. Explore the world of beer. I used to shrug beer off as nothing more than a watered down filler that took up to much expensive real estate in my stomach that could be better utilized with a stiff drink. Actually, a few of my friends and I have had many a heated debate over the phrase "beer is the new wine". While I wont go as far as to agree with that statement in its entirety, I am now willing to give beer a little bit more credit. I am sure you have noticed that many bars and restaurants now have extensive beer lists and the servers and bartenders at these establishments are well versed in the language of the "craft brewery". I have had the opportunity to taste many of these craft brewery concoctions and I have to say, the flavors are really interesting and sipping a new beer has proved to be an enjoyable experience. Some restaurants are even going as far as pairing beers with certain menu items much like you would do with wine. Gone are the times when you could get away with ordering a bud light or miller lite. Go that route and your are liable to get an evil eye from a bartender and maybe even a suggestion to try something a little more adventurous. I am not going to recommend any specific beers to try, I am just going to leave you with this; don't be so quick to judge beer like I was. Give it a chance. Head to your favorite liquor store, shoot over to the beer aisle and pick something up that looks interesting that you have never heard of. Better yet, support your favorite bar or restaurant and ask for the bartenders suggestion on a great new beer to enjoy. I think you will be pleasantly surprised. Happy drinking.

(Picture Above: Organic, Craft Brew-Selection)


  1. Great advice. Craft beer is a huge trend these days. Chicago has great selections in the bars and in liquor stores. One of my new favorites this season is Vinyl from Magic Hat Brewing Co. in Vermont. Great spring lager with cool artwork to boot.

  2. Advice to men..."drink more beer?"

    This is a stance I can get behind, my friend.