Saturday, March 6, 2010

Saturday Style Note: Hats Off to Hats that Look Great On.

This edition of the Saturday Style Note comes a little bit late in the day thanks to a pretty great party last night. Actually, quick shout to Mike and Derek who put on a great event last night, best wishes and good luck goes out to the Rock and Egg Productions team. Needless to say, a great open bar last night led to a slow and lazy Saturday afternoon. What I wanted to hit on briefly today was hats. Somewhere down the line, us men got a little confused and we thought it was appropriate to wear backwards hats and visors with pre-frayed brims (not so much the visors anymore but there was a time when they were everywhere). Believe it or not, there was a time when hats were extremely stylish and, for the most part, a necessity of a mans everyday wardrobe. Its not to say that great hats dont exist today, actually that's what I am going to show you, its just that the selection for most men got sloppy, right along with the rest of their clothes. Not only does the type of hat matter, but the manner in which you wear it matters as well. For instance, the fedora is an O.K. choice but you have to have a lot of confidence and personal style to tie it into your wardrobe in a seamless way. Otherwise, its going to look pretty contrived. In another example, the military cap is a great casual choice but not if your wearing a tie a blazer, in that case a "drivers cap" or a "news-boy" cap is going to get the job done a little bit better. Without any further delay, here are my picks for the most appropriate hats of the times and some pictures of how to incorporate them into your daily dress.

I like this simple, yet stylish and unique "dress" hat. This style is typically made out of felt and is close to being what is considered a derby. Either way, if you want to put a hat on in a casual way, why not go this route as opposed to a baseball cap?

This is one of my personal favorites-The "Newsboy" cap. I wear one of these out more than a couple of times a week. This type of hat does vary in shape so you have to find one that is going to frame your face correctly. Some get really wide on the sides, some are really "floppy" on top. I like the streamlined style that is narrow and not flimsy or floppy at all. As you can tell in the photo, these hats look great with a cardigan, or a tie and jeans combo.

The Military Cap. I am a fan of these, but this is just about as casual as I am willing to go. However, the variety of fabric types, prints, and shapes you can get with this style adds that extra hint of style that makes it a much better option than any regular old hat. My one recommendation for this cap is to get one that is vintage. No brands, or logos anywhere on the hat. That kind of ruins the appeal to this military type of look.

With these great options you should never feel the need to put on your dingy old baseball cap. Playing a sport is just about the only place that style is going to be appropriate. Take it up a notch and try out one of these great hats the next time your compelled to cover up your mop.


  1. nice post! i love hats and my personal favourite is the style in picture one!

  2. great post! i love it when guys import hats to their look!
    i especially like the style in picture number one!
    guys! wear hats!