Thursday, April 15, 2010

Culinary Event of the Year?

Culinary event of the year is definitely a lofty title to attach to an event. Especially when there is so much of the year left to experience. However, unlike other fantastical claims (think Titanic) this is one ship that will not be sinking. The innovative folks at Dinner Party Atlanta (whom I have detailed on this blog before-see "For Every Action There is A Reaction") have come up with an amazing food and wine driven evening experience. The best part about it? You still have time to get in!
So, what is this event all about? Let me throw some components your way, I think you will agree that this is definitely a must-attend event.

1. Outdoor, early evening event in Piedmont Park. (Think cool evening, romantic lighting, fantastic conversation and amazing eats)
2. Cocktail hour featuring original creations from some of Atlanta's most well known and innovative bartenders
3. Eight chefs each preparing a four course original menu of their choosing. Oh yea, the chefs include many familiar faces from Bravo's Top Chef and local Atlanta favorites
4. All products sourced from local farms that are of the highest quality
5. Wine pairings from Georgia's only Master Sommelier Michael McNeil of Quality Wine and Spirits
6. Profits go towards Pope High School and Georgia farms.

Aren't convinced yet that this evening is going to be phenomenal? Then let me tell you that the entire evening (cocktails, 4-course meal, 4-wine pairings) is only going to run you 95 bucks. $95, I might add, that heads straight towards a great cause.

This is one event that you truly do not want to miss out on. If you can swing it, head to and head to the May 1st dinner section. Get some more details and reserve your seat for you and your companions. See you there!

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  1. i really need to get in on cool things like this. this sounds huge.